Mainland China

Posted by Ramya Shankar on Friday, March 31, 2006
Making plans within the click of a finger is what my dad is known for. Suddenly at 8 pm he says we're having chinese food tonight !
I'm not a food connoisseur, but then I couldn't stop myself from posting this from the dinner I had last night.
The decor with its soft lighting and a few touches of contemporary Chinese paintings and motifs were found everywhere. The waiters in their smartly clad black chic dresses glide effortlessly between the tables and catering to all your needs.
The spiced lettuce, sugary cucumber and the Chinese tea which is nothing more than warm water boiled with cloves and mint is on every table as a compliment.
Being a vegetarian can be quite a hindrance when it comes to Chinese food. We had Crispy corn and golden potatoes as starters along with Sweet corn veg soup. I couldn't stop myself on those corns and got half full by the time we reached the main course. Well, the main course turned out to be Garlic and Capsicum Fried rice with Hakka noodles in Schezwan sauce. Teamed with all this was a Munchoorian dipped in sweet n sour sauce. Truly mouth watering!!!
By the time dessert came, I was sure I would not eat for the next 2 days atleast.
But when I saw Daarsaan (thick flattened fried noodles bathed in honey) along with butterscotch ice-cream. I forgot about all that I had eaten.
The bill and the stomach was content and I must say the service is really good. So if you Chennaites have a inkling for Chinese food, we can boast of Mainland China !



Posted by Ramya Shankar on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 in
It was one of the very important days in his life. Chetan had been waiting for this day for a long while. As the day neared, he found himself striking off days on the calendar in his room. As he looked around his room, he saw all those things he had so proudly owned till now. He had a long way to go ahead, but still. There was no more room for the past. It was time.
His parents had carefully looked into the nitty-gritty of the party details. A banquet hall in one of the most posh hotels in the city was booked and even the decor and food was selected according to his choice.
They made sure that Chetan would not have anything to worry about that evening. They wanted everything to be perfect.
It was already 6 pm. Chetan went into the shower and rubbed himself squeaky clean. As he descended the stairs of the hotel, he looked absolutely stunning in his navy suit ,a light blue shirt and a shade darker blue tie and shiny twin tone shoes.

The party lasted only for 2 hours, but Chetan's parents decided it was a triumph afterall. The children ate too much of the Mickey Mouse cake and puked all over the Persian rug, they fought over the toys and cried themselves hoarse when their balloons burst.
Despite all this
Chetan tried his best to be a perfect host, handling himself with great dignity and aplomb. What more could you expect from a child on his 3rd birthday party ?


To thatha, with love

Posted by Ramya Shankar on Sunday, March 26, 2006
Today as I see this little girl and her grandfather play in the park I'm reminded a lot of my Thatha. I've spent most of my time with my grandparents than parents, hence my partiality to this man. A multi-faceted person that he was, would be able to talk with a 6 yr old and a 60 yr old on any topic under the sun. He was unorthodox yet had us stick to our culture and ethics. He has been my inspiration, role model, teacher, philosopher, guide and the best of all a real good friend.
Love for music.
Enthusiasm for writing.
Passion for books.
These 3 things that he passed onto me, now form a major 2/3rds of my life.
His morning prayers still linger in my ears.
The way he used to call me his princess.
The long walks in the Delhi parks that he used to take me for.
The manner in which he used to make me recite poems. (My love for poems continues)
His major attraction towards stationary and art forms had us musing in Landmark for hours together.
His fervour for experimenting new things.

So much unsaid, but then I'm sure the next 4 words will explain it all.
"I Miss You Thatha"


Full House

Posted by Ramya Shankar on Friday, March 24, 2006
After 3 consecutive polambal posts, I realised that this place is starting to seem like a cribbing forum and Somethings & Nothings will ultimately become Nothings & more Nothings if I don't stop it. So am back to my cheery disposition despite all the crap happening around me and the temperature on the rise in Chennai.
Now that I've got so much time on me; I seem to be spending most of it usefully by sleeping, playing, listening to music, watching my newly acquired season of Full House and trying my best to finish reading the Lord of the Rings.
My cousin gifted me all the 4 LOTR books for my birthday and I've been trying my best to get past page 75 of book one. I never seem to be having this problem with any other book (even my college books). Guess I'm going to ditch it and get back to watching Full House.

Awww, Michelle is so cute and did I mention John Stamos looks just awesome. *drool*

p.s: All of you who owe me a birthday gift for the last 18 years, get me those google amukks.



Posted by Ramya Shankar on Tuesday, March 21, 2006 in
Words are lost,
Uncertainity prevails,
And all is reduced to ashes
When will the Phoenix appear?



Posted by Ramya Shankar on Sunday, March 19, 2006
This day, last year. I was done with my board exams and was way too busy attending strenuous yet redundant AIEEE classes for 6 hours at a stretch everyday.
But I remember with what fidelity I attended my Physics tuition classes. Almost the whole of Psbb (my school) used to attend Mr.Sundaresan's classes. He was a great disciplinarian and punctuality was something he insisted more than studies. We were made to go back home in case we were late even by a minute. Completion of assignments on time and scoring above 65% in the class tests was mandatory. All of us used to dread his assignment discussion classes, where he would randomly ask people to give the answers to the given problems. If you hadn't solved the question, you had to submit the same problem done about 20 times.Another thing that I always admire about him is the way he remembers the name of each an every student who attended his class. (80 per batch and there were 2 batches per year)
More than the knowledge that he passed on, the passion for the subject that he imbibed in each one us was terrific. I used to loathe Physics until my 10th standard. But today I owe everything that I learnt in those 2 years to him. Be it, Punctuality, Moral Values, Principles and of course the love for the subject !


Rang De

Posted by Ramya Shankar on Friday, March 17, 2006 in
Thanks people, All your wishes have materialized atleast momentarily for me !
Today's exam was cancelled and tomorrow has been declared a holiday. (Yaaay! ) I feel better too. Is that a silver lining in the clouds ??
Now I hope that I don't have 3 exams on Monday!

In the midst of all those exams and over-worked schedule of mine, I found time to play around with some colors. Yup! Holi celebrations with friends and neighbours. I wasn't able to play for long, but I managed to get my blue shirt, face, hands, nails and ears turn pink.
I've tried my best to scrub it all out, but as always it takes 3 days or more.

Like whatever King Midas touched, turned into gold.... that day whatever I touched turned pink, which includes my neighbour's cute little doggie too!!



Posted by Ramya Shankar on Thursday, March 16, 2006 in
Almost 12 hours at college
Mid-term exams after college hours on consecutive days
5 hours of sleep
A sore throat
Experience is all that I have to gain withstanding all this.

Life just ain't just too rosy at this moment !
The times ahead will bring better moments.... I hope!



Posted by Ramya Shankar on Sunday, March 12, 2006 in
After a week long of what was called self-deserved leave. I'm going back to college tomorrow. The next few weeks are going to be really hectic and with my 1st year of engineering coming to an end with mid-May, I'm just too glad to be getting rid of a lot unwanted theory papers.
Just to chronicle all those agonizing moments with
*Useless Engineering Drawing in Semester one
*Boring Enivronmental Engg in Semester two that proved as Poetry writing sessions for me
*Complex Circuit Theory
*Bidding Physics and Chemistry adieu with this sem. yaay!
*I hate Math syndrome continues
All classes are going to be resumed in full swing, so posts might become irregular. Oh! how I wish I could let this moment last forever.
Do take care of my blog and shoutbox.


The Beach

Posted by Ramya Shankar on Monday, March 06, 2006 in
Vinay was one guy who was never able to look at a girl and speak a few coherent words. He was brought up that way, his life void of girls. His interests were nothing more than Sports and his dear friends. All through the day he used to roam around the city on his bike. Neither Vinay nor his friends could ever imagine that one day he would fall in love. But the inevitable happened.
Sunanda was the daughter of Vinay's father's really close friend. She had grown up watching him. Sunanda was the most trustworthy person her friends could ever come across. Never did she believe that she would be liked by any boy despite several proposals that she dutifully declined. Vinay always held a special place in her heart. But then, she never had the guts to ask him. Now was her chance.
She stood at the beach, her long wavy hair being blown in all directions by the salty wind. She had checked her mobile's display screen for 2 things umpteen times in the last few minutes; a call from Vinay and secondly the time. He was late already. She was getting nervous. It was his first ever moment with a girl alone. She wanted him to be comfortable around her. Ah! Finally, he appeared like a speck at the bend around the corner. Her heart started racing. Her eyes followed him on his bike. He had crossed the place where she was standing. Damn all those instructions that she gave him about where she'd be standin! He parked his bike a few yards away and marched his last few steps to a relationship where he lost his single title. He still didn't have the guts to look up at her. He dragged the last few steps with his head bent. He knew it was now or never. He looked up and saw the girl he had been silently admiring all his life. She hadn't changed a bit.
Do I deserve her? Will she be happy with me? Does she like me at all? All these questions were answered by those longing eyes and that smile on her lips.

P.s: Long time since a romantic post, that's why !



Posted by Ramya Shankar on Thursday, March 02, 2006
Yesterday is History
Tomorrow is a Mystery
Today is a gift, that's why we call it the Present !

And so goes the tag line of the following gifting site.


Kudos to my aunt who conceived the idea and materialised it all by herself.
Spread the word ppl !


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