Overheard on the bus

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Overheard a Mallu girl and a Marathi boy discussing films. Before you start discoursing on how eavesdropping is rude, let me tell you that they were 90 decibels too loud to be ignored. And I don't really force myself to be excluded from a conversation that floats by. That too when the people conversing are from the same country as me. This is patriotism of a totally different kind.
Meet Mallu Girl who desperately needs to realize the existence of moisturizers and lip balms. She wears a leopard print scarf over a frumpy winter coat and carries a fake red Prada bag that has likely been picked up from a thrift market.
The Marathi boy is dressed in a smart Calvin Klien coat and what look like genuine Italian leather shoes. He tries to look all important by unlocking and locking his iPhone every few minutes. You would think he's all posh until you hear his Marathi infused English.
Anyhow, here's a part of the conversation that my attention was limited to.

Mallu Girl: Have you heard of that 127 hours movie?
Marathi Boy: Wow! How many parts is it coming out in?
Mallu Girl: *giggle* No man, the movie is called 127 hours. It is a horror movie.
Marathi Boy: Wow! I love ghost stories.
Mallu Girl: But this is a different kind of horror movie. Not the ghost types. More like a suspense thriller. I heard it's based on a real life story. My friend said it was very disturbing.
Marathi Boy: Oh! You know what, I actually wanted to watch Dhobi Ghat. I used to live in Andheri. Have you heard of that place? I saw a lot of familiar places in the teasers..I used to hang out in all those places... blah.... Juhu... blah...but Thane...blah blah...

And he continued to ramble descriptively and proudly about the chaos in Mumbai shortly after he stereotyped the people by their geographic areas. I don't judge people too quickly, but I couldn't resist forming an opinion on this one. As I got off, I played 'Acid Darbari' on my iPod. Coincidences can be saved for later.


Accelerated Love

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It was a feeling that was new to him. He was confused by the multiple emotions striking him at once. He saw her first when she crossed the road and winked at him. He was taken aback by her initial audacity! He tried to convince himself that the attraction was not physical, but who was he kidding ! She was a stunner. Even the women couldn't contain themselves from taking another look at her. She was every man's dream. No, he couldn't let that thought put restraints on him. She would be his pride.

Excitement rushed through his veins when he saw her again. He knew he had to make a deal soon. It was the dawn of a Saturday morning. He was feeling rather unlike himself. He got into his car feeling rather stupid and impulsive for what he was about to do. He didn't even look the part that he had rehearsed several times over in his head. He had phrased his words ever so carefully. There could be no room for any further thought. Well of course, his wrinkled white t shirt and grey sweats could be working a precarious truce in his favor. Or, maybe not. When he reached her abode, his head was still inundated with her thoughts and beauty to care for anything else. He saw her again, but this time she was blissfully unaware.

One signature and he knew it would be a commitment for a lifetime. She would be dependent on him. But he swore to bring the skies & earth together for her happiness. He signed. The reality hit him when the sales associate placed the key on his palm.

He drove back home with a smile plastered on his face in his brand new BMW.


2010 - The year that was

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Two feet snow. Sheepskin boots. Scrapes and bruises. Discovering OCD. Drummers with Attitude. Encountering strange creatures. Mice running on arms. Atlantic City. The ARR Jai Ho Concert. Raavanan. Saravana Bhavan. Six Flags and its gravity defying roller coasters. Screaming until I fell sick or threw up. iPhone 4. River-side jogging. Multi-colored popsicles. Ducks & rabbits. Fresh margaritas and lots of it. Struggling to stay on the designated lane in bowling. Fire accidents. NYC. Standing in a three block long line for a free Apple Tshirt. Combating bed bugs. Meeting S & P1 halfway across the world for 2 days. Maoz. Fondues & hot chocolates. Frozen Yogurt. Birthdays at PF Changs. A cathartic trip to remember. Y moving to the same city as me. NYC with S, Y & P2.Wall St. Liberty. WTC. Walking down NYC yet again. New roommates. Crazy girls night outs. Maggi at 3am. Golu. License to drive. Diwali. Potluck. Charades. Mad bachelorette parties. Fancy suede boots. Thanksgiving parades. Holiday parties. A Spanish wish. Beautiful jewelry. Pitzelles. Pink puppies. Baking lessons and experiments. Creepy gingerbread men. Meeting P1 again, this time with D. A disillusioned walk in the stinging cold while P1 mumbles the whole way about chocolates. Last minute uncertainties. A flight back home. Filter coffee and crispy dosas. Kaju katlis and girl bonding.

Looking back, 2010 has been nice to me and I actually found it hard to let go of it. But, there always must be an end for a new beginning. I began 2010 away from my parents and ended it with them. I’m beginning 2011 with hopes of a year that will bring much desired changes in my life.

Happy New Year, everyone! May you all be blessed with six packs this year! :D


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