Eyes say it all

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"Every time you look at me, a part of me dies,
I know there's something else, I can see it in your eyes."
As for this post, the above lines say it all ! Some people in the world try to hide their inner feelings in their heart, but then, they forget that their eyes talk a lot more than they actually do.
Brown, Green, Hazel, Blue, Amber. Dark or light be it, eyes definitely reflect the true spirit of the inner soul. Lighting up with a sparkle on an affectionate touch, wrinkling at the corners with grace, coyly winking at a cute face, glaring with hatred, pelting a cold stare, brimming with tears or just blinking away every day ! The first of each emotion churning out of you is first seen in the eyes. You could have a control on your tongue, but you can never stop an eye from talking. If you have a dream in your heart, it most certainly shows in your eyes. Why? Even the most complex of all emotions - Love is associated with the eyes - "Love at first sight" ! We've never heard of a love at first smell !!
In an eye, you the see the beauty of a simple person, the majesty, the sophistication, the ruthlessness and the power !
As for me, I like dark, mysterious yet playful eyes. Thick lashes and dark curvy eyebrows would be a bonus! Absolutely smoky and sweltering !
No matter how many words you have, the eyes say it all !


Never Say No

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Are you someone who initializes a conversation ? Are you someone who takes an initiative and leads a bandwagon ? Are you someone who never (infrequently) answers in the negative ? If you answered the previous questions in affirmative, then congratulations- you're the never-say-no attitude possessor ! Kudos to you !
Well, you might think what big deal does it make really ? But then, these are the little insignificant things in life that can turn you into a significant person for someone else. Of course, we all don't have to be Mother Teresa's !
How would you feel if a person kept answering - "No", "I don't know" or began every retort contradicting your view ? A normal human definitely wouldn't feel like pursuing the conversation further, would they ?

Flip side : The pessimist could always return with an argument stating his right to talk whatever he wishes to and meanwhile expressing his dislike towards you. Point taken, but then if there were no such differences of opinions, there would be no poles, no opposites, no good, no bad ! You wouldn't have lost anything, but life is counted with what you gain, and I consider people as the biggest assets one could possess.
In case you (irrespective of where you are classified) understood, you would have done something to better yourself. If you just didn't give a damn about this post, feel free to click that little red X on the top
right, well if you have something to add/contradict, the comment box is all yours!


Tag thy blogger

Posted by Ramya Shankar on Saturday, March 24, 2007
In the tag initiated by RS, I am required to - "Randomly select a blogger and describe about his/her blog in general and write a review on a particular post of him/her that impressed u a lot. The rules say that you aren't permitted to select the blogger who gave this tag to u."

Randomly selecting Sujith, one of the first to read my blog and comment. Sunny Days later christened I Ching, is definitely not a frequently updated / widely read blog, but then I really like the subtle and rhetoric use of words there. He's one person who picks out the unknown in the known and striking a chord with the opposites or grabbing things that people conveniently ignore has been his forte. His disagreements in the comment box always keep me at wit's end to think of a better retort. I still remember one of my first comments on his post describing some chronicles in his college, and till date I've always found I Ching that way- "Entertaining!" His post on blog-hopping and of course Goo have been one of my favorites. Variations of posts in different genres ranging from music to loud musings through which he keeps reinventing himself. The few fiction that he posts are some rare pieces. It totally changes one's idea that something good needn't be over-done. Very simple and straight. No bombastic phrases, but I accept he throws some really nice jargons.
And quoting him from one of his posts, I find his blog as a guy's orgasm of emotions. I wish you update more often !

And now comes the part I love, I tag the videshi's - Kay Kay, S0ul & Priya

For all those people who had concluded that I shall be posting only tags from now on, a proper post would follow soon !


College Knowledge

Posted by Ramya Shankar on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 in
Bhargavi takes revenge by asking me to list out 10 things I hate about my college !

1) I've never seen the sunrise ever in my life. Commuting by the college bus has made me rise before the sun of lately!
2) The bus rides every morning and evening make me think if I would return home in one piece or return ever at all !
3) The mess food, the unclean plates and glasses have infestations that could give a creative mind lots of food for thought. And ya, we have no canteen !!
4) The barren campus, with absolutely no greenery !! Even the fauna is scared to flourish there !
5) The staff, whose vocabulary comprises only of "what" "y" "right" and "test on tomorrow" !
6) The students, who think they have the biggest attitudes in the world, but are nothing less than a bunch of snobbish dud-heads who steal stationary and money even after paying heavy donations to get a seat!
7) The rules, that deny basic human rights itself !
8) The sudden appearances of a bunch of maniacs who simply slip their hands into your bag to check for mobile phones and other censored property amongst the many forbidden within the campus!

I don't really need any more reasons to hate my college !
I've gotten used to the monotonous & moribund schedule for the last 2 years, another 2 will not make much of a difference to me ! :D

I tag Kausik , VBK & Ramanujam !



Posted by Ramya Shankar on Sunday, March 04, 2007
After having recycled old post, I was totally left clueless as to what to post next, and that's when this tag comes to my rescue ! Small-wall thalaivare, thankoo ! :D

1. One thing I'm very much afraid of
Well, its not nice to publicly admit your fears, especially me, coz people are just waiting for an opportunity to pull my leg ! I don't know what it is with girls and reptiles, but yes I am scared of lizards. I just can't bear the company of being in a room with a lizard ! :D

2. Two incidents I can never forget in my life
Well if I count it as embarrassing moments, there are countless, but then if I take it as happy moments, they add up to more in number than the embarrassing ones.

3. Three books I'd love reading again and again
a) I swear by Linda Goodman
b) The Library of World Poetry
c) This list would be endless.

4) Four women who are most beautiful
Well, I believe that any woman can be beautiful if she considers herself to be so. And I have this whole idea that all models look alike with make-up ! :D

5) Five of my favorite food items
My mum and grandmum are the world's best cooks !
Anything vegetarian and spicy/tangy would qualify as a favorite cuisine ! I'm an ice-tea freak !

6) Six words you use very often
a) Enna da/di
b) Oh !
c) Bledddy ! :D
d) Damn !
e) *Beep*
f) *long beeeeeeeeeep* :D :D

7) Seven things I like about myself
The person who commented first on this post seems to know so much more than I ever knew about myself !!!!

8) Eight film personalities who are your all-time favorites
a) A.R.Rahman
b) Mani Ratnam
c) John Stamos ("Have Mercy") :D
d) Revathy
e) Kamal Hassan
f) The Big B
g) Matt LeBlanc ("How 'u doin ?") :D
i) Madhuri Dixit

9) Nine movies you don't mind watching again n again
Any Crazy-Kamal combination movies
Everything by Mani Ratnam (better when coupled with ARR)

10) Ten songs you would listen to everyday
This is real hard considering the fact that my daily play list constitutes of more than 50-70 songs.
Anything sung by ARR - Lukka Chuppi, Tere Bina

I tag Hamsini, Bhargavi, Sandhya ("alright girls, its payback time, except Bhargavi ofc! )

Oh, btw, search for "Tere Bina Lyrics" on Google and guess what tops the charts ! :D


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