Stop !

Posted by Ramya Shankar on Thursday, April 05, 2007 in ,
Before you started wondering if you landed up elsewhere, Stop !
I got too bored with that sombre and garish white board template so I decided to go green for the summer !

Its going to take a while before you see an update here. Moreover I suppose more than half the bloggers on my list are busy with deadlines, record work, pending assignments and a lot more valid excuses. And with the sun beating down on this side of the world, lethargy creeps in and upturns all the well scheduled plans.

"Sip that coconut water,
Bite into the succulent water melon,
Don those sunglasses and go generous on the sunscreen
Wrap a bandanna, eat some ice-cream !
Wear some bright and colorful clothes,
Spread the cheer and do miss me too!"


Musical Torments

Posted by Ramya Shankar on Monday, April 02, 2007 in ,
Some of the tortures my mother put me through in the tender years of my life were dance and music classes. But it was music that I loathed learning the most.
My folks took me to this carnatic singer during one of my visits to Madras; from whom it was considered most auspicious and fortunate to start a musical lesson. And so began my encounters with the 7 swaras at a tender age of 3 ! There I sat in my tiny frock, cross-legged before this man who seemed hippy-like compared to my 2.5 feet height ! Unshaven, shoulder length oil dripping hair, a red beetle nut coated tongue and wearing a filthy white shirt, he resembled a gardener more than a guru. Before I could make more assessments regarding his appearance, he made a huge slap to his thigh and crooned "Saaa, paaa, sollu paakalam"
And the smart-ass that I was,asked, pointing to his thigh - "Apdi adikanuma ?" (Well come on at 3, I was ignore of the existance of the concept of taalam!) He let out a guffaw and said - "Aama kozhandai" ! I looked back at my mother who gave me a Do-what-he-asks-you-to look. And so I slapped his thigh with my little fingers and said saa paa in my pinju kural. :D Once I heard a huge intake of breath from behind me, I realized that the slapping is going to interchange once we get home. Slowly I turned waiting for the repercussion of my act of bravery and gratefully I escaped with a smile ! Thanks to my cute-appavi looks !
Every class from then onwards, I was taken dutifully by my mother coaxed and cajoled in the false hope that, it would be my last class. But then God knows, what they saw (heard) in me, the last class never came and before I realized I had actually begun to like the routine and was looking forward to them.
Today, I'm so grateful to those days, for instilling such a deeply rooted love for music.


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